Moosonee Puppy Rescue

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  • Moosonee Puppy Rescue officially began in May 2003. Once we knew of the conditions in so many northern communities we had to act. Our purpose became to save dogs from being trapped and shot in the isolated communities of Moosonee, Moose Factory, Attawapiskat, Fort Albany and Kashechewan.
  • There are no veterinarian services in these communities so the only method of population control is killing. The reason there is such an over-population is because the locals tend not to allow their dogs inside so they are either left vulnerable by being chained outside or left free to roam. Over-breeding occurs and puppies are born under houses, in the bush or amongst debris.
  • One female and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in just six years.
  • The dogs that do live, face abuse, abandonment, neglect and carelessness.
  • Puppies are found frozen in snow banks, crying and starving, injured and sick. They are simply dismissed as being valueless and without worth.
  • Teachers and nurses in these communities are the front line rescuers for the most part. Once they know about the puppies they take them into their homes and care for them until they can be sent out.
  • The dogs from Moosonee and Moose Factory are crated and put on the train. They arrive in Cochrane where they are picked up by a rescue worker and taken in until they can make the rest of the journey down to Muskoka.
  • The pups from Attawapiskat, Fort Albany and Kashechewan are flown by Thunder Air and they land in Timmins. There are times when the trucking company, Lloyd Richards Moving and Cartage, will bring pups down on one of their runs. We meet the truck at the side of the highway to receive the dogs. Most often we drive north to pick up the dogs though and sometimes we are met part way by a rescue worker.



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  • Jordan Wilson says:


    I heard that you guys have some German sheppard puppues that are going up for adoption in the near future.

    I am interested in getting myself a dog I have grown up with dogs my whole life and have moved out on my own with my girlfriend and we would love a furry friend !


    Jordan Wilson

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